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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Avocado and Tomato Salad with fresh Cilantro

Try this next time you grill out!!This is one of my favorite summer salads because it is so refreshing not to mention full of vitamins and those mono-unsaturated fatty acids that we keep hearing about. The amount of each ingredient you use is up to you. I never make it the exact same way twice, and I love that is always good anyway. If you are not used to buying and preparing avocados here's a couple of hints: 1. choose a dark (closer to black than green) avocado that is not hard, but doesn't feel bruised. It will be a little firmer than a ripe peach. In my experience it is better to buy a little under ripe than over and have to throw it away. 2. To cut it roll the avocado lengthwise along the blade of a sharp knife keeping the blade pressed to the large pit. When the avocado is cut through all the way around, twist the two halves in opposite directions and remove the pit. Then use a big serving spoon the scoop all of the flesh out at once and chop it up. I know, it sounds really involved, but this is one of those things that is very easy to do, but tough to describe.

2 Avocados cut into half to one inch cubes
Equal amount of tomatoes (any variety) cut to similar size
Small amount of red onion chopped finely
generous splash of lime juice (lemon works well too)
handful of chopped fresh cilantro

*Put all ingredients in a bowl and toss well.
**In a pinch vinegar will work in place of the juices. Just make sure there is some kind of acid, or the avocado will turn brown.

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