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Friday, February 20, 2009

Name Me and Win Me!

The picture of these earrings has been edited and ready for listing in my Etsy shop, but I just can't think of a name that suits them. So here's the deal: starting today until the end of the month I'll be accepting your suggestions at which point I'll post my favorite three entries here to be voted on. The entrant with the winning name will recieve a pair of the earrings and a coupon for my Etsy shop. Anyone can enter, so spread the word. You may post your suggestions here or in my Etsy shop.


The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

WOW, those are sooo beautiful!

In some native american cultures, the dragonfly symbolizes a renewal after a time of hardship. In Japanese culture it symbolizes strength, courage and happiness. In some cultures it it believed that if a dragonfly lands on you, you shall be granted 7 years of good luck.

Hmmm...probably too much information.

How 'bout
"Wings of Hope"

ginabee said...

"Fancy Flight"
They're beautiful!

Audrey said...

Ok - muddy moose has to much time on her hands. Wow!!
Those earrings are beautiful!!
Love you shop too.

How about
"fly by night"

Nelsby said...

What do you think of "Weeping Dragonflies"?
Thanks for reading!
awaerhouse at gmail dot com

Juniper said...

How about Dragon Tears?

Kim and Joe Armstrong said...

Awakening Spring

Kim and Joe Armstrong said...

Awakening Spring

thelostboys said...

dragonfly drops

KatieG said...

Dragonfly Mist

Fly with Me

Dancing Dragonflies

Flittering Beauties

Flight of Ice

Tear drops from the sky

Dragonfly Poop…. Haha just kidding! I’m sorry – totally inappropriate :)

Your stuff is beautiful! I just found it on I look forward to ordering some items!

SLH said...

Gossamer Wings

First thing that came into my mind after looking at them. :)

dana1983 said...

Whimscial Flight
Wishful Wonder
Whimscial Wonder

jburden said...

These remind me of hot, humid summers in East Texas near the lake. There were always a ton of dragonflies where ever there was water. How about Water Drop Dragonflies?

Nancy said...

How about "The lighted dragon flies"
Love your jewelry!!