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Monday, October 20, 2008

Recipe Contest for October

The leaves are falling and harvest time is upon us! I am looking for an interesting recipe that uses pumpkin as an ingredient. The recipe can be sweet or savory, as long as the pumpkin is an ingredient.
I will choose the top three that look most interesting to me and post them here to be voted on.
The winning recipe will also be posted here and the person entering it will win their choice of the "Latitude Necklace" or "Twilight Bracelet" from my Etsy shop.
You can enter by posting a comment here or sending it to me via Etsy convo in my shop. Please be sure to leave youe email address so I can get in touch with you.

All entries must be recieved by October 31st! Good Luck!


Juniebird said...

I tried a couple of new recipes with pumpkin this season. The first recipe was for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Here is the link to the recipe if you are interested:

(The recipe isn't mine, by the way.)

I used real pumpkin for the cookies, not canned. It was the first time I ever tried doing that, and it was fun! The cookies were also quite good.

The second recipe was also for cookies, but it used a cookie mix:

These cookies were not quite as moist as the first recipe, but they were so much easier to fit into my busy weekend schedule since they took less time to make. I'd probably be more likely to make this recipe again. And I love the dried cranberries in them!

I found your blog through etsy, by the way. I'm juniebird there. I'm a buyer, not a seller, but I also make jewelry, just to please myself. I love your creations!

little ginger cat said...

I have one which is just mouth watering- it's a recipe for Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage butter by Rick Stein. You can find the recipe here:

Then I found this one for Pumpkin Rum and Raisin ice cream which I have never tried but just looks plain weird and wonderful lol! :o)

Love your jewellery and looking forward to buying from you at some point soon :o)

etsy username: isopupu